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Carl woke his young bride with a light kiss to her neck just behind and below her ear. He marveled as she shuddered and goose flesh appeared with a soft flush that spread up into her cheeks and down onto he chest. And as her lips parted, she accepted his tongue.

By Ashley Collman. A growing number of married American couples are agreeing to allow husbands to keep their wives 'in line' by taking to corporal punishment. The trend is called Christian Domestic Discipline and much of what is known about the practice is published on the website Learning Domestic Disciplinepublished by husband and wife CDD duo, Clint and Chelsea.

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What a crazy question right? Of course, we all know the answer is NO the Bible does not allow a man to spank his wife. Case closed.

You read that right. I just read an article about how commonly accepted it was to spank grown women for misbehaving. Not even always a husband, sometimes just an adult man.

Miamisburg teen exchanged gunfire before dying in home invasion, police say. In the video a clip is in the report above. Click here to watch the entire video on Youtubea spanking for Jesus husband says he consensually paddles his wife when she breaks the rules.

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On the way home, my husband confessed that the thought of this turns him on and he persuaded me to spank him that night before we made love. How should I handle this? Understanding a sexual preference is not the same thing as sharing it.

From the front page of the Los Angeles Times 70 years ago today, Jan. The Iowa housewives who consider it a mark of esteem for their husbands to wield a disciplinary hairbrush once in a while, announced plans today for a junior auxiliary—Daughters of Spanking Parents. Any girl above the age of 11 years is eligible to join, Mrs.

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The Christian community has done a very poor job of treating women with respect. This is wrong. I even tweeted about this earlier:. Where do some men get the idea that they get to own women and tell them what they can say, do, think, believe, etc?


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